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Eurobees » Beekeeping Diary » What has been done
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Start has been made
As i said on news, Beekeeping Diary is available for testing. I'm not going to keep the data until we have achieved a satisfactory result. That's why I ask you, dear Members, do the suggestions and comments. Let's see, can i do something useful with them Smile
There are many mistakes in code right now (found by oomen) and I'm working to correct them.
Code mistakes fixed (least known Smile).
Now we have to deal with the logic of diary. At the moment it is quite confusing. The weather will be more beautiful and bees also need to be reviewed. However, I will try to program the Diary too at the free moment.
Looking for Beekeeping Diary testers.
Diary language option does not work now. Who wants to translate the language file, please contact me.
Test diary here http://www.eurobe..._diary.php
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