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Beekeeping tourism?
Do you know that term in you contries? Here in Slovenia we have quite some places, where tourists can see interesting beekeeping places, beehouses, working with bees and so on...

here are some:
Beekeeper from Slovenia
In Estonia we have not exactly places for bee tourism, but we have some apiaries to show to foreign groups. Of course - bee tourism is very interesting. So - dear Eurobees users - tell us about apiaries who dealing with bee tourism in your country.
Here is one.

Traditional apiary builded as Apitherapethic apiary.

Dobje, Slovenia.

Can you tell us something about Apitherapethic apiary?
Edited by admin on 21-02-2012 19:14
This one is not functional yet.
It is meant to give people a chance to enjoy excellent bee environment with all feelings: sight, scent, sound, taste etc... It's a place where you can also overnight.
... place where you can find your peace...
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