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Introduce yourself
Hi everybody. I am English but live in France! My beekeeping skills were learnt in the UK through a club where we shared conventional hives. I am now going it alone using Top Bar Hives which I can make in the winter months. To date, I have been unsuccessful in catching a swarm so am 'beeless'. Looking to buy a colony before it is to late this season so they have a chance to establish. Developing a 1.5 Hectare site to the benefit of the honey bee which will be stocked with TBH's. Looking for apis carnica or Breton Blacks at the moment.
A UK Beekeeper living in France!
Hy... i hope you got your colonies. So what are beekeeping contitions in France?
What about varoa, how do you treat, and can you tell me more about honey and colonie prices?

I heard about TBH, but never got in to it more...can you tell us more about TBH? Maybe in some other forum topic.
Beekeeper from Slovenia
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