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How to extract propolis?

I would like to know how you extract propolis from hive and prepare it for use?

I have seen some net, that you insert in hive, and then get propolis from it...
Beekeeper from Slovenia
Mostly we collect propolis with special rest like this : www.eurobees.eu/images/diary_screen/_IGP6721.JPG
It must be under the hive roof and couple tree twig under the rest. After, when most of holes are filled, take the rest and put it to freezer. After freezing, hit the rest and voilaa...propolis falls down.
I got simmilar and works great...didn't got it much this year, but will continue next year.

Do you use 70% alcohol? or 90%
Beekeeper from Slovenia
We use 90% alcohol and some beekeepers add propolis to honey.
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