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Eurobees » Beekeeping » Queen breeding
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Carniolan bee queens
In Slovenia we have lots of beekeepers, that breed quality carniolan queens. They are monitored by beekeeper association and goverment.

So if anyone would like to get one of those, i can arrange contact, or you can look in: http://www.kranjs.../index.php

What do you think about carniolan bees or queens?
Beekeeper from Slovenia
I have tried italian, buckfast and carniolan bees. On my personal opinion is carniolan best. I don't tried slovenian carniola, but obviously next week i will try Smile - tnx Beequest. I will let you know.
In Estonia half italians and half carniola. Estonia have our own bee...Estonian dark bee. They are give lots of honey, but if you take honey, then other people can't walk kilometer radius of the apiary Smile
isle of wight
This year I bought 5 from Slovenia, they seem to have built up well
for winter. I am looking at buying in more ,do you recommend any queen breeders ?
Yes I can recommend you really good Slovenian queen breeder - he is user of Eurobees as well. You can contact to him on Eurobees page sending private message. His nickname is "Beequest". You can also ask from him more information about Slovenian queen bees using this forum.
Btw - I use only his queen bees and I'm very satisfied.
isle of wight
Thank you, I will message him
isle of wight
Well how about that, I have just checked his website and its the same breeder I got mine from . Grin

Any luck he will get in touch with me as I have emailed him before for info but no reply. Maybe busy resting after a busy season lol
this page is about Kranjska sivka, Slovenian Authentic breed Apis m. carnica, carniolan bees.

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