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Hi Beekeepers from EU
Internet site Eurobees was created with the idea to exchange experience of keeping bees in the European Union. In addition, it should be possible to find new contacts and advertisements on this page. This page is a one man project. Therefore all proposals from users are very welcome. What would you'd like to change or add to this page. Please make your suggestions to this forum.
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hedgerow pete
top man.

thanks for giving people like me who are intrested in other european states and bee keepers abroad a forum to meet on.

for a start off i would love to know of other countries prices for honey and wax . i belive we are very lucky in the uk to have a bubble of high honey and wax prices

I think we're dirt cheap in the UK compared to elsewhere. Turkish Markets were selling Comb Honey for £16 a pound outside the tourist places (ie the Spice Market) in Istanbul. £5 a pound for a Jar doesn't look that pricey anymore Grin

First off I think you need to strike a balance between a few sections that are relevant to beekeeping and not drowning a brand new forum in empty threads as the current headings don't really seem to offer up much to tempt someone to come make a post at the moment.

You've got "make this site better" and "free chat" as forum headings, where's "Beekeeping Chat" or similar that's obvious as a place to post about, you know, beekeeping.

Have to be honest, as forum software/site design goes, this isn't top of my list, but it's early days and hopefully you'll migrate to decent forum software if the site takes off.

I really don't like having my IP address posted to all and sundry either to be honest.
Hi all,
I agree with Nellie about the ip address issue. Sure log them but don't include them on the visible page.
Take a look around the other major beekeeping sites and see how they ate organised...if it works for them...

Also what will be the default language? I am a member on other international sites and they all have issues. Often you end up with different subgroups in local languages which defeat the original idea.

All the best,
Thank you for your suggestions. I deal with them.
This is only the beginning. Together with you we get a good page.
Initially, the main language is English.
(IP fixed)
Edited by admin on 28-04-2011 07:13
hedgerow pete
iam forever surffing european websites and the german and polish ebay sites and i have no problem as i use a translator in the computer to change the web page to english

whilst english is a great international langue, it might be limiting.

as the forum expands and grows and you get the oppurtunity to alter things here and there is there some form of translator button thingy that can be added to the site.

but since its only been going a few days its a good start.

all we need to do know is look at the internet and collect other ideas to help form it
Now on the site all European Union languages. Hope that is helpful.
Edited by admin on 05-05-2011 21:34
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